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Operation Hungry Child, Inc. was formed to promote awareness of childhood hunger and provide assistance to child hunger relief organizations.

We look forward to your continued support. If you would like to donate to OHC by mail, please send donations to:

5500 Abercorn Street, Suite 32, Savannah, GA 31405

Mom and Spenser are dedicated to helping hungry children. All author proceeds from Spenser books are returned to programs in the local community that feed hungry children. Spenser is proud to be associated with America's food banks. Food banks all over the country are the first line warriors in America's fight to end hunger.

Spenser's Birthday Party

Every year on or around September 29, we celebrate Spenserís birthday. Invitations, decorations, and suggested games and refreshments can be downloaded free when you become a member of www.spensernation.com. Membership is free and easy.

The purpose of the annual celebration is to collect food for local food banks—have children bring cans of food as gifts for Spenser. Help children learn that having fun and serving others can go hand–in–hand. Children that host one of these parties can send Spenser an invitation and he will send them an autographed photo.